Monday, March 1, 2010

Nautilus With GNOME Zeitgeist Integration

Author: Adrian Nowak, 9:00 AM, Monday, March 1, 2010

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Admittedly, that GNOME from week to week is becoming increasingly interesting, not only because of the numerous mockups but also because of developers who say that most of the presented innovations can be implemented without any problems.

Recently a very interesting concept was introduced by Ian Cylkowski, who suggested a combination of GNOME Zeitgeist and Nautilus. It was a big surprise for the developers of both projects who did not expect a such solution. Seif Lotfy with whom I talked some time ago promised: "So if someone can link me with a tutorial how to extend the nautlius sidebar I will add the “commonly accessed” functionality within an hour or 2!"

Ian Cylkowski admits that he is not a programmer, but that did not prevent him in the creation of great mockups. The first two images in this entry was made by his hands.

The whole work is based on DanRabbit mockup called "Nautilus Elementary" (picture below). Nautilus Elementary is still a bit lacking, but projects like this give GNOME users hope that their environment will not differ much of KDE, which recently changed almost everything in his environment.


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