Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Igelle - Lightweight System For Portable Computers

Author: Adrian Nowak, 9:00 AM, Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Igelle is an advanced modern operating system for desktop computers, mobile devices, embedded systems and server computers, that provides powerful computing features in a modern, easy-to-use environment for a very wide range of devices and hardware. - Describes Igelle developers on the project website. I also checked how the system performs on my hardware.

The author of this entry is our reader mariom.

The system turns on and works quite fast. After start, splash-screen welcome us with a white background containing Igelle logo. Desktop environment used in Igelle is not very popular Esther, which is somewhat similar to GNOME, and it has borrowed some elements, such as a panels (I know that it may sounds obvious ;)). You can not disagree with the fact that the system is simple. He is really trivial to use and packed in a nice animations.

Standard web browser is Epiphany, but from the "Add / Remove" you can of course install Firefox if you can't live without him. After installation there is available only few applications, but most of them is often used. Many others such as XChat or Mplayer are available for the installation in just a few clicks. There is also WINE in default installation that lets you for example play the games from MS Windows.

Interesting solution is to move up the "settings" and "programs" menu which is grouped into one application. Another interesting feature is automatically hiding bar at the bottom of the desktop. It would be even better if it could somehow prevail over what is in it. I hope that developers fall into this and future versions will be able to change this settings.

In my opinion this distribution is an interesting competitor for Ubuntu. Its simplicity surpasses them in everyday activities such as installing new tools where you can do it without typing a password.

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