Saturday, March 6, 2010

Connect Your Keyboard To Android Phone

Author: Adrian Nowak, 9:00 AM, Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Virtual keyboard of phones which are equipped with a touch screen can sometimes irritate, but after several days of use, they are ussualy no longer a problem.

Counting that, what I was writing many times - modern phones are becoming actually miniature computers so there is nothing in the way to connect they to external devices. Recently a few geeks tried to anchor the standard USB keyboard to the Android smartphone - ant they succeed. All you have to do is the preparation an appropriate cable.

In fact I can't imagine too many opportunities for using such keyboard. Maybe when we're going to face with computer failure - the phone with full keyboard can be a pretty nice device for answering e-mails.

Taking the big keyboard for the travel is also not so great idea. Unfortunately we always have to decide between the mobility and convenience. I think this is an interesting curiosity, however it shows that the small size of the phone doesn't mean that it will not cooperate with the full standard PC peripherals.


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