Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clementine - A Largely Port of Amarok 1.4 based on Qt4

Author: Adrian Nowak, 9:00 AM, Sunday, March 7, 2010

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The changes in the latest version of KDE were not welcomed by all. The revolution was very desirable, but this doesn't mean that we have no choice now. Fans of earlier versions can still install Amarok version based on Qt 3.x or check out the tool Clementine which is an unofficial port of Amarok based on Qt4 .

Clementine allows You to search and play your local music library, listen to internet radio from and SomaFM and easily edit tags on MP3 and OGG files. Clementine is cross-platform software so it runs both on Windows and Linux operating system as well. It supports also new Ubuntu notifications system (libnotify) and on Mac OS X (Growl).

Of course, many new features which is equipped with Amarok 2 has not yet been placed in Clementine so it's a proposal for less demanding users. Anyway, thanks to less functionality, Clementine runs lot faster than Amarok 2, so as we can see, everything have it's positive sides.

For the future releases, developers are planning automatically copy files from disk to your music library function, support for iPod and MP3 players, automatic tag completion and support loading and saving playlists.

This is only the first release of Clementine, and there is a lot of stuff that isn't finished yet, but you can download it from Qt Apps.

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