Monday, December 14, 2009

New Plasma animations in KDE 4.4

Author: Adrian Nowak, 2:05 PM, Monday, December 14, 2009

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With the release of KDE 4.4 SC (February 2010) wait for us many innovations that improve the usability of the new version environment. One of them is the module responsible for the Kinetic animations, and one class - QAbstractAnimation, introducing the effects of various animation elements plasmas.

The author of this post is our user Kira.
I must admit it looks quite impressively. Animations of this type were known so far in the Enlightenment and influenced by its popularity, but the animation in Qt 4.6 also introduce an element of physics so that changes the location button.

The movie showing the latest animations can be found here.

Results will not be shown yet, probably, visible with the release of SC KDE 4.4, but now there is a trend to use them by some developers. Kinetic has already been implemented in the uBlog plasmoid, and plasma-netbook to scroll through the application icons.

Animation effects are also improved in the Nokia phones. The company actively supports the development of Qt, with the intent to transfer it to the new version of Maemo. The following video demonstration shows Kinetic on Nokia N900 tablet:

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