Monday, December 14, 2009

How to install Blood Frontier - single and multi-player FPS

Author: Adrian Nowak, 6:00 PM, Monday, December 14, 2009


Sometimes it is good to get away from improving the appearance of the system or from work. A few days ago releases Blood Frontier, which will accompany boring evenings. The second Beta of Blood Frontier was released few days ago, let's check what's new inside.

As you can read on the project site, new version provides:
* Unique, original, and fun gameplay, storyline, theme, artwork, and content. Pushing the boundaries of open source first person gaming.
* More configurable, providing an extensive range of world variables for mappers and game variables for players/admin to control every aspect.
* Play plain ol' deathmatch, instagib, ctf, duel, lms, or use the select range of mutators and myriad of variables to create your own.
* Item domination and dropping, fight for your lives over a great range of weapons, each with its own distinct personality, pros, and cons.
* Strong artificial intelligence (A.I. or "Bots") capable of participating within all modes of its deathmatch environment, even online.
* Improved editing displays and capabilities, with automatic map package creation and online transfers completely transparent to the user.
* Enhanced engine systems, with extra goodies like stereoscopic or anaglyph view modes, and unique mouse settings.

The game is of course free software and you can install it from Before that, you have to add the repository to your software sources simply by installing the package from here.

Then just go to the Blood Frontier's page and click Install.

The package weight about 400 MB so count that may take a while downloading such file.


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