Sunday, March 1, 2009

Installing Jalbum on Ubuntu

Author: Adrian Nowak, 11:39 AM, Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Yesterday I wanted to make a cool gallery. And I asked myself: Can I do it in HTML? Rather a bad idea, because in this gallery were about 300 photos. After long searching finally everything succeeded. So today I'd like to present a program that I used: Jalbum.

The author of the text is the reader and user of our forum nickname BrakPiwa.

1) The installation will begin by downloading the installation file.
Open terminal and paste:
or from the project site (

2) Then we type:
sh Jalbuminstall.bin
3) At this point, we will start the installation wizard. Choose English and OK to confirm.

4)Then select the Java virtual machine. If the window is blank, press the option to search for more.

5)In the next step we choose a place where you want to install the program.

Further steps of the installation rather not have to describe.

6)After installation, enter the folder where you installed the program. The default is /Jalbum so type command:

Using the program is very simple and intuitive. There is also support for FTP uploading. The effect, which I got, you can see here.

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