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Automatic correction of lighting and color temperature

Author: Adrian Nowak, 10:24 PM, Monday, March 30, 2009

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Anyone who uses a laptop probably met with the problem of regulation the value of lightting. Sometimes during the day we are forced to manually adjust the backlighting. I will present present F.lux , which automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor to the environment.

F.lux changes the brightness of the monitor on the basis of our geographical location. Interestingly, in addition to highlighting the values, F.lix changes the gamma correction.


1) Download the archive:

wget -c
2) Unpacks downloaded archive:
tar -xvzf xflux.tgz
3) Remove now archive file:
rm -rf xflux.tgz
4) Copy the program to the system directory:
sudo cp xflux /usr/bin
5) At the end type:
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/xflux


The program is available for both Linux, Mac OS and Windows, but users of Linux can't use graphical user interface yet. However, it is not so big problem, because launch the program should not be the most difficult.

At startup, however, we must establish our geographical location, that the program knows whether it is with us day or night. Combining this with the time and date can be very accurately adjust the brightness of the screen. For Warsaw, and probably also for the whole program run Polish command (To find another places location you can use Wikipedia):
xflux -l 52, 21
After that, program will change the color temperature and make your desktop more healthy for the eyes.

Adding to system startup

Manually run the program at each startup is not very convenient. I will show you how to add a program to Ubuntu startup.

1) Go to menu 'System => Preferences => Sessions "and select the' Add '.
2) Complete the fields as appropriate:

Name: Xflux
Command: xflux-l 52, 21

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